Our Recruitment Methodology

We view each Recruitment assignment as a project. Our approach to each recruitment project will follow a 7-step systematic and logical approach which follows 4 Phases. Phase I refers to the pre-selection period, Phase II is the selection period, Phase III is the post-selection period and Phase IV is the project closeout period. In this approach, each phase is a predecessor of the next phase and each phase consists of clearly defined objectives. These objectives all contribute to achieving the main aim of helping the client to secure competent and suitably qualified individuals for the available posts. Below we give an over view of each Phase.

  • In Phase I, the main objective is to understand our client and the environment from which they operate. In this phase we also seek to understand the roles we are trying to assist the client to fill and their place in the organisation.
  • The main objective of Phase II is to come up with the suitable candidates from the selection process based on the requirements of the job. We access candidates from our own extensive database built over 10 years of existence and we also have access to the major subscribed job portals.
  • In Phase III, the main objective is to successfully assist the client with the logistics behind scheduling and organising of face to face interviews between the client and the candidate that will lead the client making an offer to the candidate who is considered the best after all their internal processes have been followed.
  • Finally, Phase IV, in this phase we close the role as Project life cycle by sending a report if so, required by the client and then submitting our placement invoice on the day that the candidate reports for work.

Ethical Considerations

Our 7-step approach is premised on the best practices in the Industry as outlined in the APSO Code of conduct. We follow the APSO code of conduct in the way we deal with the client and the candidates whom we interact with on behalf of the client. See .The core of these Ethics guide is in the following:

  • We comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and official APSO directives.
  • We abide by, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and all associated statutory and common law provisions.
  • We do not undertake actions that unfairly or unlawfully jeopardize a candidate/applicant/work seeker`s employment.
  • We always exercise due diligence to ensure integrity of information provided to all stakeholders.
  • We always respect the Confidentiality and Privacy of the candidates.
  • We always observe and respect the confidentiality and privacy of clients and candidates. All records generated from this project will be securely kept in lockup cupboards for hard copies and password protected for soft copies.
  • We do not forward the CV/resume of a candidate to any third party, without the express permission of the candidate, which is gained by full disclosure of the details of the client and available position.
  • As Members of APSO we treat all clients and candidates with dignity and respect, and that recruitment is based on objective business, employment equity and competency related criteria.
  • In all our dealings we always promote fair and transparent recruitment and employment practices.

By adhering to the APSO code of ethics we are able to meet and exceed our clients ‘expectations. Not only do we make our processes auditable by keeping meticulous notes and records of our interaction with the candidates we hope to place but we also make sure that the process is a learning experience for us and the candidates.